Paul James Williams • Interaction Designer

Paul James Williams • Interaction Designer

Mobile and web designer.



In 2014 I interned as a designer at Apple in Cupertino which is where I learned the painstakingly thorough and rewarding process that I use today. I collaborated on the products below, and took the lead on two others which are proprietary and cannot be displayed here.

Apple Store App 3.0


The main product I worked on was the stores section of the Apple Store app (v3.0). Our team designed flows dedicated to finding stores, scheduling appointments and finding out what was happening at a store near you.

Genius Bar Interactive PDF

This product grew out of a need to easily transition customers from interactions at the Genius Bar to interactions on the sales floor. I began working on an early iteration of the product while I was employed at the 5th Avenue store in Manhattan, and then later was able to see it to completion as a designer in Cupertino.